Tibet Support Group

Main Aims

Tibet Support Group (TSG) is an Australian based group of volunteers who aim to assist Tibetan refugees living in India with humanitarian and educational support. We set up sponsorships and raise funds to provide educational opportunities and humanitarian aid to individuals and families. TSG has been supporting Tibetan refugees in India for over 25 years now.

By example showing generosity also greatly benefits the donors. In fact in a survey sent to sponsors many made a special point of thanking us for this opportunity. We do not know what the long-term implications of the many small acts of kindness from individuals and groups like ourselves will be for Tibetans both within Tibet and as Tibetans in exile. We do know though that through TSG lives have improved, hopes have become reality and friendships have flourished.

It is Tibet Support Group’s intention to provide support for Tibetans experiencing hardships, medical and financial and to provide education and training opportunities.

Tibet Support Group and our contacts

Our Tibetan contacts provide us with new individuals and families as well as referring them directly to us. Also many Australian sponsors are traveling to India, meeting their families and establishing strong contacts with Tibetan communities.

Our main current contacts in India are:

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